AIM and The Types of Balancing Frequencies
Available to You, 24/7
Everything is energy, despite our often limited perception of just the physical body and the material world. It is the belief of EMC² that if you remove energetic imbalances (predispositions or potentials for the manifestation of physical disease) from consciousness, where everything is created, that they can neither manifest nor be sustained in the physical body. AIM is a tool you utilize 24/7 to focus on healing yourself, while you get to live your life. It's a continuous energetic "tune-up" – the most comprehensive and effective form of energetic balancing in existence, to assist your potential for achieving well-being on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
"The aim of energetic balancing is to give the body enough strength to use its own wisdom and its own resources to provide a state of well-being . . . As we eliminate each imbalance, it increases the energy we have available to us (life force energy), creating the opportunity to discover deeper, more subtle imbalances, until we are free from all limitations we've acquired in this lifetime and in the past." Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

AIM stands for All Inclusive Method, a very appropriate name for the depth and breadth of what the program includes. There are thousands of balancing frequencies on the AIM Program to assist you in the removal of imbalances that you have in your consciousness, and to assist you in raising your consciousness. This includes frequencies to assure you select only what you need for your own self-healing, and bypass the rest. Launched in 1998, the AIM Program represents a monumental improvement over the individual evaluations and "frequency drops" employed prior to 1999 by Stephen Lewis, the developer of AIM (as described in his book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness). Beyond the time and expense of office visits, patients were dependent on what Stephen was able to detect in them at the time of their visit, and the recommended and carefully prepared "energy frequency" drops were only as effective as one's commitment to taking them as instructed.

Broad Categories of Energetic Frequencies for which there are balancing energies on AIM to help us self-heal:

1. Karmic/hereditary imbalances – the things we bring with us and inherit, along with the unresolved etiological emotional imbalances associated with each one. Many of these frequencies have names that are identical to or similar to "disease" names, but we work with energetic frequencies only. AIM includes balancing energies for every known "disease" frequency, and thousands of prion frequencies, including things not known in Western Medicine, about 10% of which are hereditary imbalances. Most of these hereditary imbalances are in an "active" status when we begin AIM, as indicated by the current excessively low initial life forces (less than 1) of new AIM participants due to the presence of immune deficiency frequencies and other factors. It is likely that the average person with such a low life force has several hundred hereditary imbalances. It's important to note that a given physical manifestation or condition is usually the result of multiple layers of hereditary imbalances, not just a single imbalance.

2. Acquired imbalances – things we acquire in this lifetime, often daily, some of which naturally occur in nature, such as disease frequencies acquired from insect bites, chemicals or toxins we ingest or inhale; others may be man-made/aerosolized such as airborne HIV, as mentioned in Sanctuary.

We acquire many imbalances every day, whether we are on AIM or not. For some who are already weak and whose healing capacity is already compromised, one or a number of these, even a simple cold, might be their "last straw". For those on AIM long enough, their high healing capacity (life force) coupled with balancing energies available to them allow them to quickly self-heal acquired imbalances. The concern is not what we acquire but what we don't overcome due to inherent hereditary weaknesses. Hence the importance of self-healing all of our hereditary imbalances.

3. Blockages to elevating consciousness – anything that negatively affects life force impedes the ability to raise consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of AIM. This would include negative emotional and spiritual vibrations and disempowering beliefs, imbalances that we can more deeply and continuously address by fully utilizing the "enhancing" or self-empowerment frequencies" described below.

Two resources to help you understand various terms used by EMC² in discussing or describing frequencies are the article States of Imbalance and the AIM Glossary.

Always More - How AIM Expands Almost Daily
Since the beginning of AIM in 1998, thousands of additional previously unknown frequencies, in all categories, have been revealed and the appropriate balancing energies determined and immediately added to the AIM trays so that they are available to us as soon as we may need them – be they to help us heal hereditary or acquired imbalances, or positive enhancing frequencies, described in more detail below. New hereditary and acquired imbalances are found through special rechecks, done only for those on AIM long enough (preferably in to their second year) who seem to have some persistent, long-term physical manifestation still present, even after they've detoxed all the hereditary imbalances they had that are already in the AIM database. EMC2's ability to detect something still hidden in the participant's consciousness is only possible when nearly everything known and on AIM has been self-healed, all the "masks" having been peeled away. Anything revealed through these special rechecks is likely to be a very core foundational imbalance in the person in whom it is found and potentially also for anyone else who has it, something deeply hidden in consciousness. The process of transformation and empowerment continues as we reach yet another deeper level of healing with the removal of each energetic imbalance, so these special rechecks are important and will be further explained to you by your Facilitator, if and when one may be needed.

For additional information on life force, rechecks and more, visit also AIM Q&A/Details and Glossary.

Additional balancing energies available to us
Beyond the many thousands of balancing energies to assist us in removing imbalances, AIM offers thousands of others to assist us in raising consciousness and embracing who we really are (the enhancing frequencies), and frequencies that aid in general healing and countering the effects of aging. Such frequencies also include: homeopathic frequencies, essential oils, herbs and bach flower frequencies, gem elixirs, targeted anti-aging and longevity frequencies, all the human and animal energy frequencies that are beneficial and protection frequencies.

AIM Enhancing Frequencies
A major focus for EMC² is identifying additional life-enhancing frequencies that further empower us to fully embrace self-responsibility and to help raise our consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of the AIM Program. These positive energies, hundreds of them, are "voluntary" versus the balancing energies to help us heal hereditary imbalances which we select as a matter of basic instinct or survival. This means that what is needed to tap in to these frequencies is a general intention to raise consciousness, to live a more connected life. That intention allows your higher self full access to and utilization of these energies, selecting what you need at any given time. Certain energies will be of greater importance at certain times.
Remember, you, not the AIM Program, are always in charge of what frequencies you select and the order in which you select them. AIM is merely a powerful non-stop self-healing tool.
Here is a short list of some of these "personal empowerment" or enhancing frequencies available to us on AIM, 24/7:

  • Unconditional love
  • Perpetual gratitude
  • Courage
  • Prosperity
  • Self-acceptance
  • Emotional stability
  • Feeling of harmony
  • Feeling of radiance within
  • Ability to shed past fixations
  • Remove doubt
  • Replace separation with love
  • Ability to welcome love
  • Remove fear of accepting love
  • Pride
  • Creativity
  • Perception of order
  • Awakening consciousness
  • Ability to help others heal themselves
  • Appreciation of the miraculous
  • Replace separation with connection
  • Induce you to envision healing
  • Self-empowerment, ability to be empowered by everyone & everything
  • Ability to feel empowered every moment
  • Replace ego with understanding
  • Replace grief with humility
  • Replace desire with acceptance
  • Replace anger with forgiveness
  • Replace attachment with self-sufficiency
  • Replace fear with courage
  • Protection against unwanted intrusion
  • Protection while awake & asleep (you vibrate differently awake/asleep)
We find that as hereditary and other imbalances are removed and your life force rises, you have even greater capacity to set conscious intentions to enhance your selection of these enhancing frequencies. If it is your intention to grow spiritually and to elevate your consciousness, then you will more fully utilize these enhancing frequencies. Not everyone does. It's possible to have a life force of 100, and to have removed all hereditary imbalances (currently on the AIM program) and still have a low level of consciousness. Self-responsibility (one of the Tenets of EMC²) is key to all advancement and transformation.

At the end of this page, you will find links to articles written on eight of the enhancing frequencies.

General Healing and Countering the Effects of Aging with AIM
In reality, any frequencies that help you heal hereditary imbalances which can impact the potential for things commonly associated with aging, such as dementia, arthritis, vision and hearing issues, joint pain, urinary issues, mobility issues, etc., could also be considered as "anti-aging". But beyond that, there is another category of frequencies referred to as "targeted anti-aging frequencies and frequencies to aid in general healing". These balancing energies would be utilized/selected by participants as a matter of survival/instinct, as are the balancing energies for hereditary and acquired imbalances.

EMC² strives to advance and enhance their testing methods used to find previously "unknown" hereditary and acquired imbalances, and thus help us all get to the "bottom of our barrel", so that even more time can be devoted to research in this area. Just one reflection of the magnitude and power of this relentless research and the "anti-aging" implications of frequencies that have resulted from that research is the change in biological age that first happened in December 2009. With the finding of a hereditary immune deficiency imbalance that everyone has (and those on AIM HAD), the biological age (the age at which you are functioning or the age you would expect to be given the presence of your active hereditary imbalances) dropped for the first time ever. Most people, adults and kids, have a biological age of around 95+ as they begin on AIM, regardless of chronologic age. Those on AIM for a year or more, with a life force of 100, saw our biological age drop from 29-30 (where it had always been since first measured by EMC2 decades ago) to 26 when we healed that frequency. Several other significant imbalances revealed and healed by AIM participants since then have resulted in the average biological age of an AIM participant now being 21.

Here is a partial list of some of the targeted "anti-aging" frequencies:
  • frequencies to support the central nervous system, everything that keeps us going
  • frequencies related to T cells, to assist regeneration
  • frequencies related to Macrophages regeneration – key to immune response
  • Frequencies directly related to osteoporosis (note they do not take the place of additional "physical" care of our bones)
  • frequencies for increasing mental vitality and memory
  • frequencies to increase stamina & vitality
  • frequencies for increasing white light
  • frequencies to increase respiratory capacity
  • frequencies to increase red blood cell glucose
  • frequencies to increase cell oxygen
  • frequencies to help with wrinkles
  • frequencies to heal topical inflammation
  • frequencies to help with keratosis (aging skin on neck)
  • frequencies for general anti-aging
  • frequencies to help heal excess free radicals
  • frequencies to help with general healing (many participants report that doctors were amazed at how quickly they healed after surgery)
  • Frequencies related to sexual function, 5 for men, 5 for women
Note that we're not saying being on AIM can keep you from getting wrinkles or help you remove the ones you have (at least not yet), but perhaps with other good habits and rituals, it can give you every advantage in minimizing them. One of the most common things reported to us is that friends of participants comment on how good or young they look, wanting to know what it is they are "doing". This makes perfect sense to us, as, ultimately, this is all about vibrating on a higher plane, our energy flowing freely on every level, and the resulting glow cannot help radiating on the outside.


A few pertinent quotes from Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness:

Page 88:
"People recognize that their inner needs aren't being met. They're itching for a change, but they don't know how to get there. But people who have come here for energetic balancing find that their feelings of well-being return; they have much more energy, they think more clearly; and their emotions are calmer, more centered, and more loving."

Pages 197-198:
"If you have a frequency that we believe is the conscious resonance or spiritual essence associated with what might best be called a "disease entity" in your consciousness, what we do is help you remove it by giving you the right tool. That's why when people ask if they have a disease, I say I have no idea. And if they ask whether they should continue taking their medications, I say "How should I know? Ask your doctor." But I sincerely believe – and this is the doctrinal belief of our church – that if someone has an energetic imbalance in their consciousness and this imbalance has been identified as an energetic frequency with a disease name, I have no doubt that it affects their sense of well-being and it affects their life force as we measure it – that is, in units of consciousness. And anything that lowers the life force also lowers a person's ability to achieve the spiritual goal of higher consciousness."

Page 141:
Why something may "feel" like "it" is still there, or is "back":

"These situations happen when a person has an energetic weakness that makes them vulnerable to attack in a certain area... The problem is caused by the continued presence of a fundamental underlying imbalance, which is hereditary and which is one's vulnerability with a capital V. Imbalances seek that vulnerability and will find it. It is in accordance with the most basic law of the universe: survival. It would be idiotic to attack your strength. You would overcome the attack, and in the process, become stronger. As long as your weakness remains, that will be the point of entry for any imbalance. Furthermore, even though each imbalance is totally different, subjectively you'll perceive them as being the same. That's because what you're really perceiving is your fundamental weakness. And that's why energetic work is pointless without addressing the deepest hereditary, ancestral imbalances."
More Book Quotes

From Tenets of EMC²":
7. Self-Responsibility
EMC² teaches self-responsibility. Self-responsibility means acknowledging that we are the cause of everything in our own lives. Self-responsibility means accepting the power that we truly wield as infinite and eternal beings. Denial of our self-responsibility means giving up that power and becoming victims of our environment.

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